How to choose fasteners in the photovoltaic field

How to choose fasteners in the photovoltaic field

Corrosion and impact resistance:

Most equipment in photovoltaic power generation projects, such as solar brackets, require long-term outdoor exposure. Therefore, fasteners with good corrosion and impact resistance should be selected to ensure the service life of the equipment. Therefore, various stainless steel fasteners are preferred, such as various stainless steel outer hexagonal bolts, nuts, etc.





Anti loosening:

Outdoor working conditions often encounter various climate changes, such as strong winds and heavy rain, which have high requirements for equipment stability. Various anti loosening measures for threaded fasteners should also be considered, such as double stacked self-locking washers, serrated washers, lock nuts, spring washers, etc. Various combination screws and patterned screws can also play a certain anti loosening role in photovoltaic projects.


Accurate installation positioning:

The installation angle and position of solar panels in photovoltaic projects are very important, which is related to whether enough solar energy resources can be utilized. Therefore, there is a certain demand for fasteners that are easy to install and accurately positioned, such as T-slot bolts that can automatically position and lock, plastic wing nuts that are simple in structure and easy to install and locate.



High strength, lighter fastener:

The installation space of solar brackets is limited. In order to save installation space, reduce equipment weight, and optimize structural design, it is necessary to choose a connection form with high strength, small volume, and high preload. The hexagonal socket screws with precise design, which can withstand large installation torque and can be installed in aluminum profiles are commonly used, such as plum blossom head screws.



DIN 7991


Easy maintenance and good sealing:

In order to cope with outdoor environments such as rain, the connection of various parts of the photovoltaic panel needs to have a certain degree of sealing, so plastic gaskets that can play a sealing and waterproof role are necessary.


Self drill screws

Hex Head Self Drill Screw


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