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Hexagon Socket Dog Point Set Screws

din 915 grub screw with dog point

Corrosion resistance material Stainless steel 304 and 316 and high strength alloy steel material are avaiable

Hexagon socket driver makes is easy to be installedan

Metric thread size from M2 to M16 are avaiable in stock

Products standard meets DIN 915 / ISO 4028

Unbeatable competitive price and customer care service

Vast stock hold  different types ensure quick delivery time and save customer cost

A dog point grub screw is a type of fastener that has a pointed end that extends out from the end of the screw. The pointed end is designed to be slightly longer than the flat bottom, creating a small protrusion or “dog point” that provides a high-strength point of contact with the material it is installed in.

The specifications for a dog point grub screw can vary depending on the application, but they typically include:

Thread size: commonly available in metric or unified national coarse (UNC) threads

Length: typically ranges from a few millimeters up to several centimeters

Material: can be made from a variety of materials, including alloy steel, stainless steel, and brass

Surface finish: may have a plain, black oxide, or zinc plating finish

Point diameter and length: can vary depending on the specific application requirements

Dog point grub screws are commonly used in applications where a secure hold is needed, such as in machinery, automotive, and aerospace industries. They are often used to hold a rotating component, such as a gear or pulley, in place on a shaft or axle.

It’s important to choose the correct specifications of dog point grub screws based on the specific application requirements to ensure reliable and durable fastening. It’s recommended to consult with a supplier or manufacturer for precise technical details and specifications based on your particular needs.

According to the drive type, people divide them into:

Hexagon socket set screws,

Inner torx set screws,

Slotted set screws

Square head set screws without grooves.


Slotted, Torx and Hexagonal set screws are not suitable for the occasions where the screws are allowed to be exposed, while the square head set screws without grooves are suitable for the occasions where the screw heads are allowed to be exposed.

Available materials are stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc. Set screws are used in mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, communication equipment, hardware lighting, construction bridges, a series of precision machinery, precision instruments, meters, electronic products, communication products, locks, toys and other industries.


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