Cone Point Set Screw

ASUDA produces cone point set screw with wide range sizes from M2 to M16; Material including stainless steel 304 A2, 316 A4, Alloy steel 45H etc.
Cone point set screw has a pointed tip, which is shaped like a cone. cone point set screw is suitable for parts with low hardness because the sharp point can penetrate into softer materials. When you use a cone point screw, you insert it into a pre-drilled or pre-tapped hole, and as you tighten the screw, the point digs into the material, securing the part in place. This type of screw provides excellent stability and resistance to vibration.According to the drive type, people divide them into:

Hexagon socket set screws,

Inner torx set screws,

Slotted set screws

Square head set screws without grooves.


Slotted, Torx and Hexagonal set screws are not suitable for the occasions where the screws are allowed to be exposed, while the square head set screws without grooves are suitable for the occasions where the screw heads are allowed to be exposed.

Available materials are stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc. Set screws are used in mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, communication equipment, hardware lighting, construction bridges, a series of precision machinery, precision instruments, meters, electronic products, communication products, locks, toys and other industries.

DIN 914 / ISO 4027
Thread Size
M2 -M16
Stainless Steel A2-70 / A4-70
Head Type
Driver Type
Hexagon socket / Allen
A2-70 / A4-70

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