Who We Are?

ASUDA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fasteners. We specialize in producing a wide range of products, including bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and other related hardware items and Standard including DIN GB JIS ASME/ANSI ISO and others customer made products.

  • Machine Screws, Set Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Customers Made Fasteners…
  • Standard including: DIN | GB | ANIS | JIS | NONE STADNARD
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304 (A2) | Stainless Steel 316 (A4) | Stainless 410 | Carbon Steel | Alloy Steel


  • We produce  most commen used standard fastener products and also we help people pruchase some screw we do not produce.

  • The normal lead time of our stocked products is 1 week, after everyting confirmed.

    For the products out of stock and we need reproduce, the lead time will be 30 days after everyting confirmed.

  • We provide several packing for our customer choise.

    1, Box packing and 12 to 24 boxes in one carton

    2,Plastic bags and 6 bags in one carton.

    3,Woven bags and each bag weight will be less than 35KGS.

    For bulk order we will put all packed good on wooden pallet.

  • For bulk order:

    Our offer usually is FOB Chinese Ningbo Port or Wenzhou port.

    For Small order:

    Our price will be seperated to products cost and delivery cost.

    Payment :

    For bulk order we accpet T/T payment 30% as deposite and 70% against documents copy or L/C at sight.

    For small quanitty we offer paypal payment  or T/T 100% before delivery.

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2023 China (Wenzhou) Fastener Products Expo

trade show
Exhibition time: October 20th to October 22nd, 2023 Exhibition location: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center The China (Wenzhou) International Fastener Expo The China (Wenzhou) International Fastener Expo (referred to as the "Fastener Expo") is hosted by the Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association and organized by the Exhibition Branch of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. It was successfully held in September 2020 and will be held annually at the Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center in the future. (Once a year) The Wenzhou Fasteners...

Coloring and Characterization Techniques for Stainless Steel Screws

colored stainless steel screw
Abstract: Stainless steel screws have excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and excellent decorative effects, and are widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of automotive vehicles. Black and blue stainless steel screws are used for connecting passenger cars due to their excellent heat absorption, corrosion resistance, processability, and welding performance. In recent years, extensive research has been conducted on the coloring technology of automotive stainless steel screws, and certain results have been achieved. This article discusses the coloring and...

what’s the different between self tapping screw and self drill screw

Self tapping screws tap their own thread, so they need a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screws diameter. The idea is, you drill a pilot hole into wood or another soft material. Then as you drive the tapping screw in, its threads will dig into the material keeping it secure. If you really could not find a drilling hole tools, you may can use the own thread of the screw to drill the object directly. but we do not...

The application scenarios for different types of screw heads

pan head
Each type of screw head has its characteristic function and purpose, and selecting the correct screw head type can ensure the stability and adaptability of the connection. I will introduce several common application scenarios for different screw head types. Pan Head Screws The bottom of pan head screws head is at a 90-degree angle to the screw thread, so when this type of screw is screwed into an object, its head will be exposed above the surface of the object. This type...