2023 China (Wenzhou) Fastener Products Expo

2023 China (Wenzhou) Fastener Products Expo

Exhibition time:

October 20th to October 22nd, 2023

Exhibition location:

Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

The China (Wenzhou) International Fastener Expo

The China (Wenzhou) International Fastener Expo (referred to as the “Fastener Expo”) is hosted by the Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association and organized by the Exhibition Branch of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. It was successfully held in September 2020 and will be held annually at the Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center in the future. (Once a year)
The Wenzhou Fasteners Expo is based in Wenzhou, the city of fasteners in China, fully leveraging its industrial base advantages, connecting the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, and radiating to the whole country through regional means. The exhibition is committed to building a new platform for the international and domestic fastener industry, strengthening experience exchange, technical cooperation, and business negotiations among the fastener industry, and seeking precise docking for upstream and downstream enterprises, making contributions to further optimizing the fastener industry environment.
The Wenzhou Fastener Expo is themed with “open cooperation and innovative development”, with the goal of “building a regional brand for fasteners, meeting market supply and demand demands, and attracting investment from foreign merchants”. It is rooted in Wenzhou’s deep industrial foundation and commercial advantages, leveraging Wenzhou’s regional resource characteristics, and forming a differentiated positioning with other types of fastener exhibitions in China. Wenzhou Fastener Expo adheres to deep cooperation with various associations, enhances the brand effect of the industry, promotes stable development of the industry, expands the external influence of China’s fastener market, and helps China’s fastener industry move towards the international forefront.

Exhibition Scope

Standard fasteners and non-standard parts area:

Bolts, nuts, screws, studs, teeth, pins, rivets, washers, retaining rings, assemblies and connecting pairs, welding nails, stamping parts, lathe parts, clamps, and non-standard products;

Industry application fastener area:

composed of fasteners used in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, high-speed rail, construction, steel structures, hardware, electronic appliances, aerospace, wind power, ships, etc;

Fastener Manufacturing Technology Zone:

Cold Heading Machine, Forming Machine, Heading Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Thread Tapping Machine, Combination Machine, Grinding Machine, Slot Milling Machine, Vibration Disk, Heat Treatment Equipment, Surface Treatment Equipment, and Drawing Equipment;

Fastener related supporting areas:

Molds, surface treatment, raw materials, hardware tools, testing equipment and measuring instruments, screening machines, packing equipment, computer software, and other factory equipment.


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